IN FLAMES, Interview promo de ''I, the Mask'' avec Anders IN FLAMES, Interview promo de ''I, the Mask'' avec Anders 

IN FLAMES, Interview promo de ''I, the Mask'' avec Anders
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1) " I The Mask " is coming on the 1st march. What it's your feeling about it ?

2) Once again, listening the new album we have an impression of evolution. It seems that most of the work is at the vocal level, especially in the diversity of melodies and different singing techniques. Was it your goal to hook the listener on each song ?

3) Talking about the music, the new songs are much more guitar-oriented compared to the previous album "Battle". It seems that the songs have been written perfectly for the live shows. Are you agree with that ?

4) What do you think about the social media debates between your fans who follow your evolution and the old school fans who continue to demand an album from the old days? Do you pay attention?

5) Are you agree when people say that you're not anymore a melodic death metal band but much more than that?

6) As usually, all the songs are written by Bjorn and the lyrics by you. How Niklas is involved on the writing process ?

7) You worked again with Howard Benson as you did in " Battles " but this time , as I said before, the new songs sounds different than the one in " Battles ". Something changed on the production ?

8) " This is the fight, the fight for our lives, scream out loud, this is our house ", tell us about the meaning of the lyrics of " (This Is Our) House ".

9) " We will remember " has a great chorus. Tell us more about that song.

10) " Stay with me " is a fantastic song. Tell us more about it.

11) Let's talk about the title of the album and the new look of The Jesterhead.

12) In a few days you will tour in the Usa for more than one month and then in Europe with 5 gigs in France. Its seems that France likes In Flames ?

13) What can we expect from those shows ?