DANIEL TOMPKINS, interview promo de l'album ''Castle''
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1) In a few weeks "Castles" will be released. What is your feeling about your work ?

2) Tesseract, White Moth Black Butterfly, Skyharbor are some of the bands you are in. What motivated you to record as a solo artist ?

3) As a singer, the lyrics are important for you. Tell us more about the main topics you talked about on the album.

4) On the album there are some several versions. 4 versions for " Saved", Tell us more about the motivation of that.

5) Let�s talk about some songs of the album :

a. We like a lot the song "Castles" (electronic drums)
b. "Limitless" has a great feeling. We love the arrangements. Tell su more about that song.
c. We love the Paul Ortiz version of "Saved". It sounds like an 80's song.

6) We haven't seen any tour planned at the moment. Would you like to do some gigs to promote "Castles" ?