Dark shamanic nordic folk project

Anatoly Pahalenko (taglharpa, vocal, flute, guitar, programming samples) Natalya Pahalenko (vocal, lyra, keyboards, frame-drum) Vladimir Titkov (flutes, jew-harp) Sergey Silitcky (drums)
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Music, skillfully balancing on the brink of acoustic ritual metal and the traditional folk of Northern Europe, is born in the heart of Siberia. Travel between the cold landscapes of the Tundra, the Mongolian steppes, and the Scandinavian fjords through the epic songs of Edda Poetic. Offering a clever blend of Mongolian throat singing, shamanic rhythms and pagan vision of their universe, the band will captivate the audience with the magic of its songs, all carrying a bit of history and traditions that are dear to them.
NYTT LAND is inspired by the traditional music of the indigenous peoples of Siberia, the Old Icelandic epic and the atmosphere of classical Norwegian black metal.