Usurpress, video lyrics (official)!

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Découvrez le 1er titre issu du prochain album des suédois USURPRESS. Il s'agit du titre 'Across the Dying Plains' tiré de "The Regal Tribe" à paraître le 23 septembre prochain via Agonia Records

Track listing:
I: Beneath the Starless Skies
II: The One They Call the Usurpress
III: Across the Dying Plains
IV: The Mortal Tribes
V: The Halls of Extinction
VI: Throwing the Gift Away
VII: Behold the Forsaken
VIII: On a Bed of Straw
IX: The Sin that Is Mine
X: In the Shadow of the New Gods

Stefan Pettersson – vocals
Påhl Sundström – guitar
Daniel Ekeroth – bass
Calle Lönnberg – drums