You’ve seen him. You definitely heard him. And if you’re Swedish, chances are that even your grandmother knows who he is. Truth be told, if you’re into rock music Dregen simply don’t need a further presentation.
However, if you happen to have missed out on Sweden’s premier rock star, let’s take it from the beginning…

Dregen, born Andreas Tyrone Svensson, knew early on that he was meant for something different than a traditional 9 to 5 gig in his small hometown of Nässjö, Sweden. Together with childhood friends Nicke Borg, Peder Carlsson and Johan Blomquist he formed what later would turn out to be the pride of his home town.

The band decided to go for it and left Nässjö, moving to the capital Stockholm in pursuit of their dream, to take Backyard Babies to the very top. It didn’t take long before Dregen and his mates had earned themselves a record deal and in 1994 their debut album Diesel & Power hit the streets.
That very same year Dregen met singer and guitarist Nicke Andersson who at the time played drums with Swedish death metal outfit Entombed. As it turned out they both had a lot in common and out of this new friendship yet another classic Swedish rock band was born, The Hellacopters.

The Hellacopters made it big in 1996 with their debut album Supershitty To The Max!, which won a Swedish grammy. It was followed in 1997 Payin’ the Dues and they got to tour with the hottest band in the world, KISS. The success of the band also made way for Backyard Babies. That very same year marked the release of their Grammy winning and breakthrough album Total 13. Dregen was now the gunslinger in the two hottest rock acts in Sweden.

By the end of the 90’s Dregen realized that despite how pleasant the situation was, it wouldn’t work in the long run. Dregen hence soon returned to his roots and carried on his journey with the Backyard Babies. And the rest is history, rock history to be exact.MORE SUCCESS WITH BACKYARD BABIESWhen the album Making Enemies is Good was released in 2001, Backyard Babies ruled the rock n’ roll kingdom of Sweden. Having been awarded with yet another Grammy award they, toured the world several times and even opened for AC/DC during their European tour the same year, a feat no other Swedish band to date can match.The band followed up with the Stockholm Syndrome (2004), People Like Us Like People Like Us (2006), the self titled Backyard Babies (2008) and the career retrospective Them XX (2009). The later resulted in a anniversary tour and an indefinite hiatus in 2010.