DARK TRANQUILITY : Départ de Martin Henriksson

Créé le 01/04/2016
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Alors que Dark Tranquility met une touche final a son nouvel album, le groupe nous informe du départ de leur guitariste Martin Henriksson.

Dear Dark Tranquillity fans,
I recently quit the band. I feel I have lost the passion for playing music, and Dark Tranquillity deserves to have members that are 100% committed to the art. Therefore I decided it’s in everyone’s best interest to step aside and leave the band with the best possible ability to grow and get even stronger. I’ve had 26 years filled with wonderful memories and we made a lot of great music together, and for that I’m forever grateful. Thanks to all the fans, crew and other people involved that supported Dark Tranquillity through the years!
Martin Henriksson