Marco Mendoza : l'interview promo de Viva La Rock Marco Mendoza : l'interview promo de Viva La Rock 

Marco Mendoza : l'interview promo de Viva La Rock
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Marco Mendoza interview

Album release : MARCO MENDOZA - Viva La Rock (Mighty Music 020318)

1) I know that you are fulfilled with The Dead Daisies, so, from where came this desire to record a solo album ?

Im always wanting to be creative and to keep exploring all the possibilities, I always enjoy learning and growing musically

2) When did you write the songs for this album ? Are they all new songs?

Well except for the 2 covers that I did yes they are all new songs!! They were written in the studio with Soren Andersen.

3) « Casa Mendoza », the previous solo album was in a funky/pop/jazz style. The new one « Viva La Rock » is rock, hard-rock. Why it turned like that?

My Roots have always been in Rock & Roll, and I felt like it was time to go there again. My time spent with The Dead Daisies has been a vehicle which has inspired me to write some R&R songs.

4) The band that recorded the album is a three piece. Soren Andersen is the guitarist of the trio. Tell me how you met him ?

We met years ago, I had seen him at NAMM and a mutual friend connected us. We always said that we would record something sometime and here it is!! He’s great!!

5) Mike Tramp is also a guest on one song of the album. How he was involved on the project ?

Soren works with him and I have known Mike for a while, he stopped by the studio while we were working, he lives part time in Copenhagen and we just asked and he said yes, that simple .

6) On this album there is some tribute to bands like Thin Lizzy, Ted Nugent and more. Tell me more about the desire to celebrate those influences.

I spent quite a long time playing and working with THIN LIZZY, about 22 years or so and I wanted to tip my hat and Celebrate the band!! Also I spent some time with Ted Nugent and again wanted to say Thank you!!

7) Most of the lyrics of the album talked about love but there’s some songs more deep like for example the song « Burned » : « Making the same Mistakes over and over again, but you never learn from them and you can't understand why things are not getting any better ». Do you think of someone in particular?

Yes!! Myself and Human Nature you know?

8) We know that you will play some gigs in Europe but none in France. Any chances to have you here ?

We are now talking to promoters in France so I hope we can go there soon! I Totally Love France and the Fans there.