THENIGHTTIMEPROJECT, interview promo de l'album "Pale Season" THENIGHTTIMEPROJECT, interview promo de l'album "Pale Season" 

THENIGHTTIMEPROJECT, interview promo de l'album "Pale Season"
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Hi, my name is Laura. I just discover "Pale Season" and The Night Time Project and I have a few questions for you.

First of all, congratulations on the release of Pale Season. Is it your first or your second album all together ?

Thanx alot. The new album Pale season is our second album. The first self titled album was released in 2016 and with another lineup.

How and why did The Night Time Project was formed ?

In my head this project was formed even before i quit Katatonia. I wanted to play something that wasn't so much metal, without heavy distorted guitars, something more pop/rock based music. So when i quit Katatonia in the end of 2009 i had plenty of material to work with. It took a while though before i found a lineup to make it possible to record the first album.

How do you process to create together?

During the writing process of this album i lost 2 members due to lack of time so when finally found new members i had all tracks already written except for lyrics and vocal melodies. I hope to work more close to the guys this time.

I heard Pale Season is about melancholy. Melancholy is one of my favorite emotion, I am not yet able to explain why. Maybe you can ? :) Why did you choose this emotion over another one ? What means melancholy for you ?

Its not like we sat down and decided that we´re gonna sound like this or that. Well, i guess i had some kind of plan. But the melancholy comes very naturally. Almost all music i listen to got melancholy in it, at least to some degree. But if i ever make a song with a more happy sound and i think it sounds damn good i would most likely publish it.

"Hound" is the first song of the album. It felt very soft. Why starting with this one ?

Just felt like a good opener even if its a song without any drums.

Is there any progression on the album ?

I felt the guitar riffs/instruments were slowly slowly roaring from song to song. Not sure. Its more about to place the songs in a good order to maintain a good flow

I particularly love the song "Final light". Can you tell us more about it ?

What can i say. Its perhaps the longest song on the album. Not sure to 100% what the lyrics are about.
But its one of my faves, really fun to play. We made a video for this song. Its filmed in Argentina.

Who are your main influences for this album ?

That's really difficult to say. I'm inspired by everything and nothing. Sometimes music comes to me just out of the blue and sometimes i get inspired by hearing a song. But musically I'm inspired by most music from the 80s and the 90s.

Your music is said to be a mix of rock, metal, doom, progressive, psychedelics, post-rock … How would you define your style ?

Something like that actually. But to make it easy i use to say alternative rock

Why singing in English ? Any projects in Swedish ?

The plan is to reach outside the borders of Sweden. I also have a feeling that Alexander is more comfortable in singing in english. But if he wants to write a song i Swedish on the next album he's welcome.

What's the plan now ? Touring soon ? Where ?

We have a few gigs planned in Sweden and in Ukraine together with October Tide. We're also looking for a booking agent that can help us.

Do you want to add anything ? Say something special about Pale Season ?

Thanx so much for support and for spreading the word about TheNighttimeProjet and Pale Season.

Thank you so much for creating, sharing your views and souls to the world and answering my questions. I wish you joy, success, inspiration and anything you'd wish for Pale Season and for the Night Time Project.