THE HEARD, interview de Pepper pour la promo de The Island
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1) What an amazing band : 3 members from Crucified Barbara, 1 from Deathstars. Tell us how you met them and decided to make music together.

2) As a singer, we don't know so much about your musical background. Tell us more about that.

3) So tell us how it works on THE HEARD. Who bring the main ideas from the songs to the vocals lines ?

4) How you will describe your music ? For me it sounds like 70's rock with dark influences. How you will define ite ?

5) Let's talks about the lyrics. As a singer I suppose that the meaning of the lyrics is important for you. Tell us more about them.

6) We selected 2 songs thatwe want to talk about :
a. We love a lot « Tower Of Silence »
b. We love « Leaving The Island »

7) What's the next step ? We haven't seen any tour planned at the moment.

8) Let's talk a little bit of you : you worked as a model, you sung on The Catastrophe Orchestra, you created The Pearl Of Rocknroll Decadence, sometimes you are Gena Simmons, so who is Pepper in the real life ?