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Interview écrite TALES OF THE TOMB
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1) Could you tell why did you choose this name's band ?

Why we choose the name Tales of the Tomb is because we felt that it represented exactly what we were going for. We are retelling the stories of people who have died in horrific and terrible ways. Almost as if we are bringing there story back from the grave.

2) Which metal's bands inspire you ?

A lot actually. Everyone in the band has there one taste in music. The biggest band to inspire the creation of Tales was Macabre of course. We do take influences from everywhere tho. Our bass player Bryn is very into the grind scene. Trez our other guitar player is a big djent fan. Connor our vocalist loves black metal. So we have bands from Pig Destroyer, Converge to the Contortionist and Burzum bringing inspiration to the table. We also don't just listen to metal we are guilty of pumping the odd pop or rap song in the van on the way to the gig, haha !

3) You have made several shows this year; I'm sure you have more than 3 songs in your songs list. So what do you do this 3 songs EP for 1st release rather than a full length?

We didn't want to give away all our eggs at one time. We decided to have our first EP be a concept on murder and serial killers. We choose the songs that we had finished and the ones we felt were ready to share. We only wanted to release three songs to hopefully make people who engauge with out music want more. We didn't want to offer everything we had at once and not have more to give in the near future. We are planning on have another EP released in 2016 however !

4) In this EP, you speak about serial killers and about what they do and think. Why this idea ?

When we created Tales of the tomb we really wanted to display some of the most terrifying things reality has to offer. One of the most brutal and terrifying being serial killers. Some of our other songs not included on the EP talk about conspiracies, horror stories and even cult leaders. We wanted our first EP to come in with a bang! One of the most controversial topics we write about being serial killers we thought having the first EP being about murder would hopefully have that effect. after all you could be living next to one or even have your best friend be one !

5) In all your songs, why did you choose these 3 songs for your EP ?

We did not want to give everything we had out at once. We wanted to be able to offer more released and songs down the line. Had we released all our songs we had in one release it would take us longer to prepare a new release. Basically we really wanted to tease everyone with this first release !

6) You play an old school death metal and your songs are violent. Why didn't you choose playing brutal death metal ?

Great question ! We wanted to have more of a old school death metal sound. Something that sounded more like when death metal was in its hay days in the early 90s. I still listen to a lot of the albums that were made back then. A lot of of really good death metal has been over looked from that era. When Connor and I(Corey) first started talking about making a band I was hard to push for a old school sound because so many of my favourite albums came from that time. Thats also a big reason we wanted to have Dan Swano master our album. Him being in the scene for as long as has, we felt he was the perfect person to do our master.

7) Why did you choose "The Pig Farmer" as video lyrics promotional song ?

We went with The Pig Farmer because it was the most fast paced and violent song we were putting on the ep. We figured because of that it would be the best one to do a promo video for. Connor and I watched a ton of documentary stuff on him to find out all the details of his crimes and prosecution. Thats actually how we decided to use the samples we have in the song. We seen a CBC "The National" video where they played a interview with pickton. The interview had his actual voice in it, talking about what happened when the police first questioned him about the missing women on his farm. We decided to put some of his interview in our song. What could be more terrifying then hearing the words of the actual killer in the song. We actually had John or drummer make our promo videos for us !

8) This EP is hopeful, when do you will do your 1st full length ?

Thank you! We don't have any plans for a full length release yet. Not any dates for that matter. We have a some things were cooking up but we plan on releasing at least another EP before we plan on tackling a full length. We are shooting to have another EP released sometime in 2016 either hopefully in summer.

9) Is a show expected in France ?

You can defiantly expect a show in France! When however we do not know! Its a big goal of ours to come over seas and play some shows, see the amazing crowds you guys have to offer! If you do know any promoters that could help us book some shows over there let us know !

10) A question more personal: do you remember which metal bands did you listen to the 1st time in your life and who was the person makes listening to this one ?
One of the first metal bands I think i ever heard was Nile. I remember i was over at my friend travis s place and he was showing us a bunch of stuff on his computer. He had this music video he wanted to show us and I wasn't big into any metal or really hard music, as we were still young (like 13 - 14). He showed us Nile's - Execration text and my jaw hit the floor. The music was so freaking fast and heavy I didn't know what hit me. the vocals were so insane and guttural. I remember saying the old how can anyone understand what there saying' haha !! I had never heard anything like it before. It actually took me a couple years after to really start to get into Nile's music. But now I love it. I met Karl Sanders at a trade show once it was awesome !