STEEL PANTHER, interview avec Lexxi pour la promo de ''Heavy Metal Rules''
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1) You're about to release "Heavy Metal Rules", only 2 years after " Lower The Bar". What are your expectations with this album?

2) The title "Heavy Metal Rules" can have a double meaning. The fact that Heavy Metal is still here and the fact there are rules to respect to be a good Heavy Metal Band. I imagine that no other band can allow himself to create such rules. So, what are those rules?

3) What happened during the record? We heard you had to record everything again !

4) Is the recording process have been different for this record? In a previous interview, Stix told us that Satchel used to record guitar parts with a drum machine. Tell us more about that.

5) For this album, you decided to create your own label, Steel Panther Inc. Why?

6) We've noticed an evolution in the discography of Steel Panther, begun with "All You Can Eat". We think that you take more liberties in your music. Is it by the fact that you changed your label, or the experience earned during your carreer?

7) We've noticed some song that caught our attention. Can you tell us more about those songs :

a. « All I Wanna Do Is Fuck (Myself Tonight) ». Great introduction to open the album!
b. « Always Gonna Be A Hoo » with his fantastic music video and the lyrics "I kissed your mouth and tasted Satchel's dick"
c. « I Ain't Buying What You're Selling ». Great way to close the record.

8) I would like to return on "Live From Lexxi's mom Garage". How the idea of recording an acoustic live came? Additionaly in the garage of your mom? Is it something that you Want to do again in the future? Acoustic shows?

9) You'll do a live at the Whiskey A Go Go for the release of " Heavy Metal Rules" What the crowd can expect and on the future Steel Panther shows?

10) We don't see any French gigs booked for the moment. Is there anything planned?

11) Finally, a word on the French girls ?