PORT NOIR, interview de Andreas pour la promo de ''The new routine''
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1) "The New Routine" will be released in a few days. How is your feeling about the new album.

2) My first impression is that the new album is probably the most wide musical style : there are poppy stuff, heavy stuff, electronic stuff, rock stuff, How do you managed to mix all those influences when you write songs ?

3) On the promo bio it's written that : "We went back to the music we grew up with and tried to find out what got us into playing in a band in the first place". Tells u s more about the music you grew up.

4) For this new album, what is relaly new is that you worked with 3 different producers : Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, In flames), David Castillo (Opeth, Katatonia) and Lawrence McRory (Darkane, FKU). How you managed to distribute the r�le of each one ?

5) Being in Port Noir means that is a Routine ? Tell us more about the meaning of the title of the album.

6) Let's talk about some songs of the album :
a. "13" is one of our favorite songs. Of course it has a Rage Against The Machine touch. Tell us more about that song.
b. "Drive" has a very powerful chorus and we love it. Tell us more about that song !
c. "Low Lights" is a different songs from the others. Tell us more about that song.

7) We haven't seen any tour planned at the moment. What are your plans about touring ?