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1) You formed last year in 2015 but the album was written in 2013. Tell me what impulse you to create this band?

We were in the band Disfigured Dead, and started writing this record while we were recording the second record for that band. The inital thought and plan was that this record would have been the third Disfigured Dead album. After we got more into the project and saw how we changed, and our wants for our band changed, we felt the name Disfigured Dead no longer fit our mission.

2) I read that this album influenced by your mind statement in a darker period. Is it possible to know more about this period of your life?

Dave and I were both in some sour situations with our personal lives that were causing radical changes. The turmoil we both were experiencing afforded us an opportunity to vent and process musically in a darker more serious manner.

3)You talk about revelation and what you can do with that. Your band's name choice was influenced by this experience?

In a way yes. Dave came up with the name and it goes back long before the thought of creating a new band or name. We have been in bands together since I was thirteen and just got a drum set. Over all the years we spent alot of time talking in depth about our outlook on the world, perceptions on human interaction/behavior, and the general human thought process. When we came to picking a new band name, and based off the lyrics we wrote for the band, the name spawned from those things. The name itself represents our ideology about life in general. All of life and its every preceived significant event is truly not important. We are all part of a wheel that continues to turn. It does not matter what people will or will not do, the wheel will turn. Society puts so much of our own thoughts in our heads without us even knowing it. And it is man made, man crafted and fed to all. Societies do not matter, they are only chains. The places/people/life in general could change or perish but the wheel would not care. People spend their entire lives trying to pin down the mystery of the cosmos and meaning in life, when thats an impossible thing to ever truly comprehend. The universe is endless or does it truly have a limit, walls? And if it had walls, we would have to be contained in something. What would that be? The questions are endless but the only answer that is sure if whatever we do in this life really doesnt matter in the grand scheme of existence. Live for now and make your life what you want it to be, but for people to truly believe there is something more to life is the true influene for our name.

4)Could you explain to us your universe, your lyrics.

The lyrics for this record are mainly about understanding ourselves. Who we have become and owning that, for the best and worst. Accepting your truths and embracing your ideology will only lead to you finding true happiness. Some lyrics were inspired from events that helped shape some of our personalities, or more of less revealed who we were. And others were about our already developed thoughts on life and how our made up world put control on people.

5)Why did you wait for 3 years since the beginning of your work in 2013 and the release this year?

That wasn't so much choice, as it was money. We had this record musically finished three-four months after we just recorded our second Disfigured Dead album that still yet to be released at that point. So first we had to put that album out and play for it, as the origianl plan was for this album to be the third album for our last band. As we promoted that Disfigured Dead album, we tracked vocals and made sound scapes for Existence In Revelation. After we were ready we had to go back to the studio to track bass, and put the pieces we recorded in with the music. Then after we had the whole product we needed time to collect money for art, and then mix/master. Time and money, haha. It is a bitch.

6)In what do you think your death metal is different than others?

Well I think there is a whole world of great bands who have not been noticed despite having a great product. I think we are a band full of ambition and put alot into our music. I would like to allow time to answer the question of what makes NilExistence different. I hope to see that the energy and the honesty of our music will speak for us.

7)When I listened to 'Existence in Revelation' I found it catchy, heavy, sometimes fast and not everytime in a darkness atmosphere with an old school touch. Explain to me this ambiance

We used atmosphere in certain songs to add melody and tempo differences to balance darker, heavier sections. We tried to do more than what ended up happening on this album, and are going to be adding more atmosphere in a more elaborate way in new music this Summer/Fall.

8)A song is different 'Screams For Silence '. This song is the longest of the full length. What this song inspire you?

The song does look long in length, but really that track where the piano comes in is the outro. We only wanted there to be eight tracks on the album so we just put the outro after the last song. In general, 'Screams' is a longer song though. It was more epic and grand in feeling so we felt it would be a great way to end the album.

9)Why did you choose 'Primordial Transgression' as the video lyrics promotion?

We actaully took some time to think of this. There are several types of moods/expressions throughout the album but this song displayed a little of all of that. It's not super long or short so its accessible to more people. Its fast, yet has some softer melodies, neat touches here and there. Its agressive yet emotive without being one more than the other. Extreme Expression, Extreme Metal. Its a saying I came up with that I think explains what we want to capture in our music. True human thought and feelings are violent and they rage within us. We just let that go through music. And Primoridal showcases alittle of both worlds.

10)The same question with 'If Snakes Could Talk, My Words Would Slither' and 'Pitch Black Perception' available on streaming on soundcloud

Pitch Black Perception was chosen because it shows alittle of the more epic yet dissonate sounds we explore. It is a track we are really proud of, while Snakes... is alot more heavy and, at times, a little bizzare. It has more atmosphere with the heaviness and shows those roots to our sound.

11) A very difficult question: Which song is the best for you? If there is a song, which song and why?

Well I can and cannot answer this all at once (haha). A few stand out and I will give the reasons why. Primordial Transgression is a track I like alot because I think it shows more of my talent as a player. I pushed myself and still practice hours a day to become a better drummer. And this record set me on that path. The track This Throne's Carved From Greed is another favoirte of mine because of its anger. It's one of the more aggressive tracks off the record and the lyrics for me are my favoirte. They were captured during a time I was left devestated and angry, and mean alot to me still. Then I'd probaly say Pitch Black Perception because I really like what we accomplished with that song. It took alittle longer to write and had some tricky things for us to play well at the time.

12) The line up is composed by Kyle, Ryan and Dave. So what about Patrick and Isaac? Could they become definitely in the line up of NILEXISTENCE?

Patrick and Isaac are actually both part of the line up now and have been for a while. Both were added after we had recorded everything but now are full time members.

13) Why do you choose the Hertz Studio to mastered and mixed the album?

We chose Hertz Studio because we have always loved the sounds from the records they had their hands in making. We are influenced by many bands such as Behemoth, Decapitated, Hate, Lost Soul, Vader and all those bands have recorded at Hertz Studio. To travel there to track the music was way out of the budget, but we wanted them to add their touches to get the sounds we were aiming for, thus our decision to send it for mix/master.

14)How did you meet Wieslawski brothers and how did you succeed to work with them for this 1st album in self release? (I think you're lucky guys for this 1st material)

Well as I said we were all very big fans so I sent them an email explaining a bit about the band and our direction. We spoke for a bit then I sent them the rough tracks and it just took off from there. It was a great experience and they are two guys who know how to mix extreme metal. We were all very happy and grateful to have such big names help out on our debut album.

15) Could you give me your 1st metal band (or hard rock bandor twice) you have listened to in first in your life?

Well honestly some of the first metal bands I really heard were very extreme. My good friend had an older brother who showed us Salyer, Cannibal Corpse, Macabre, and Morbid Angel. HAHA. Yeah I was like 11 years old and was listening to Cannibal Corpse. It is insane really thinking back to how young I was. I honestly didn't understand the weight or caliber of this music until years later. It was the start to an obsession that from that day that has since become my life.

16)Do you listen to only metals bands or do you listen to other kind of music?

I listen to alot of music. Extreme metal is a majority of what I listen to but I also enjoy all types of genres. I'll listen to artist/band because of drummers who played on the release. I like all types of rock music, and even pop and rap. Inspiration is everywhere and it can be found in the most unexpecting of places.

17) Which musical band influenced you the most?

One of my biggest influences for music and playing in general is Nile. They are also my favorite band. The musicality is on a top level. They are everything from fast to slow, technical to very basic, epic to dark. They embody all the emotion of the soul. The records are all so inspiring. Their record Ithyphallic to me is one of the best examples of extreme metal drumming, and I strive to be a better player everyday because of a band like Nile.

18) Give me 2 songs in your musical universe who characterize you?

I would first go with the song Homo Sum off Carnival is Forever by Decapitated. I love the message within this song. Really the entire album is in line with my thoughts on our world and I really relate to that album. But Homo Sum I think speaks to my most outward understanding of our world we made up. For the next song I would say Stengah off Meshuggah's Nothing album. Literally this song can easily be attributed to heroin addiction or any type of addiction. But when I hear this song, as a non-drug user, it reaches something very different in me. A person can be a servant to many things and be controlled in so many forms, the same as a drug could make one so. To me this song reminds me of how my ways and negative traits of my personality dictate my life. For better or worse they control the outcome for many situations. You can overcome or fight against yourself for a lifetime, as we all truly will. In our lifetime we give our lives and serve to surpress our own evil. We kneel to the syringe...

19)Please could you make me a jingle for my webzine United Rock Nations?

I think I had better stick to playing my drums (haha), I can not say I am the best jingle writer since I retired from the jingle writing business!