KADAVAR, interview de Lupus pour la promo de ''For The Dead Travel Fast''
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1) The new album is described as « a perilous journey into the land of the dead, a foray into the bleakest corners of our minds ». Let us know the meaning of that ?

2) So we can say that the new album is a concept album ?

3) How the idea came to have more embellished songs not particularly drawn to ordinary song structures

4) Tell us more about the idea of add some synthetizers in the new songs.

5) Tell us more about the artwork of the cover. It’s taken in front of Dracula’s crib in Transylvania is that right ?

6) Let’s talk about some songs of the album :
Evil Forces (70's rock)
Demons in my Mind (Hawkind)
Long Forgotten Song (Pink Floyd)

7) Let’s talk about touring. We know that you will tour in november in Europe with 5 shows in France and that’s great. How can we expect from those shows.