ENFORCER, interview promo de l'album ''Zenith''
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1) "Zenith" will be released in a few weeks how is your feeling about that ?

2) " Zenith " is definitely the most ambitious project we ever engaged ourselves in. I think all together we spent over two and a half years to write, produce and record it all. That's what tyou said. Tell us more about the reason why you decided to go on that way ?

3) It's the first studio album for Jonathan Nordwall on the band. How did he contribute to the new songs ?

4) You also recorded a spanish version of "Zenith". Tell us more about this choice.

5) What are the main topics you talk about on the new songs ?

6) Let's talk about some songs :

a. We love " Zenith of The Black Sun " with the catchy final part. Tell us more about that song.
b. "Regrets" has a progressive touch. Tell us more about that song ?
c. The sound ogf the guitars on " Sail On " is different from the others. Tell us more about that song.

7) We know that you will play some festivals this summer and then you will tour inthe USA. Do you plan to do also a full European Tour this year ?