DINOSAUR PILE UP, interview promo de l'album ''Celebrity Mansions''
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1) "Celebrity Mansions" will be released in a few days. How is your feeling about it ? Do you think that this one is the best album you recorded ?

2) It's a long time that you are on the road, writing songs, recording, playing live. What is your feeling about the journey youd id made since the creation of the band 12 years ago ?

3) You are the main songwriter of the band. In what ways, you created the songs ? At home ? With an acoustic guitar ? From where came the musical ideas ?

4) You were 6 years old when "Nevermind" of Nirvana was released. Where does this inspiration that come from the grunge that you develop in your songs ?

5) The production of the album "Celebrity Mansions" is huge. The sound of the guitars are really big. Tell us more about the production team with whom you worked on studio.

6) Let's talk about the lyrics. Do you have a main topic ?

7) Let's talk about some songs :
a. "Long Way Down" is of course an emotional and a very personal song. Tell us more about that song.
b. We love the song called "Stupid Heavy Metal Borken Hearted Loser Punk". tell us more about that song.
c. We also love "Pouring gasoline". tell us more about that song.

8) Let's talk about touring. We know that you play some gigs in UK and then in the USA but we haven't seen any tour planned in Rurope. What are your plans for that.