Death Metal / Grindcore

Frédéric Houriez - bass (M.Pheral) Franck Peiffer - guitars and vocals (M.Pheral) Phil Reinhalter- guitars (Division Alpha) Laye Louhenapessy - Drums (Dehuman, Vibrion)
Fondé en 1990
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Putrid Offal was an early Death Metal / Grindcore band from Northern France that existed from 1990 to 1995.

The band had many similarities in style with Supuration, sometimes even quite “borrowing” Supuration songs and giving them a new grinding approach such as on the one featured here that will remind Supuration fans the “Sultry obsession” MCD a lot.

The band started to slowly evolve into a cold industrial Death Metal outfit on their latest demo, before changing name to M.Pheral (early material of the new band can be found on Putrid Offal’s last demo).