100% METAL

JC - Lead vocals Mike - Guitar Ju - Guitar Francesco - Bass guitar Cyril - Drums
Fondé en 2018
4888 vues
NERVD drives ahead with a look in the rear-view mirror. By no means stuck in the past, the band simply loves the sound that forged its identity. With roots in the90s, the quintet goes for solid metal that never forgets groove nor melody. Pantera, Alice in Chains, Hatebreed... Plenty of references, but NERVD plays NERVD first and foremost.

It all started with Ju (guitar, ex-Kaizen) and JC (vocals, Red Mourning) fooling around with melodies and hard-hitting riffs. The pair are a natural fit, and quickly round out the team with friends: Mike (guitar, ex-The Arrs), Francesco (bass, Pitbulls in the Nursery) and Cyril (drums, ex-Break This Cycle). NERVD is officially on the road!

The first tracks quickly emerge, mixing angry riffs and vocals with obvious ease, as if the band had been jamming together forever. Want a first power-hit? Check out NERVD's first video, "The Weight of Things", with its heavy riffing and soulful lyrics. Enjoy!