Rock / Riffage / Heavy Soul

Dallas Frasca - Vox & Guitar Jeff Curran - Guitar Chris Windley - Drums
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Don’t be mistaken, Dallas Frasca is a band and not just named after the lead singer. Like Blondie and PJ Harvey that came before them, it is clear that namesake front woman Dallas and guitarist Jeff Curran are the driving force of the Melbourne based trio, which other members rotate.

The unconventional songwriters are two guitars, vocals and a beast behind the kit. They fit somewhere in between blues riffed The Black Keys, and the incredible full-throated wail of Janis Joplin. Having no bass, the drums are integral to the sonic massive-ness that fits in-between the mechanical style riffs, their songs are catchy, huge and you can feel the truth in their tales.

They won Triple J’s Light Your Fuse and then in 2013 they signed to French label, Verygroup (Bjork, Soja, Baby Metal, Gamma Ray) after they gained attention from placing 3rd in the International Song-writing Competition (over 16,000 entries). In 2014 they released their controversial film clip for single, You Are Beautiful that went viral and gained over ¼ million views and appeared on film, Embrace. Their album, Love Army hit the Top 30 ARIA Charts in Australia in 2015, and their song, Success Is The Best Revenge from the 2015 release, was the theme song as the worldwide sync on the popular TV show, Bondi Ink. A collaboration with Ugly Kid Joe was released on the Californian bands latest (1st release in 19yrs) album, Uglier Than They Used To Be that hit #10 charts on BBC charts in the UK.

The band continues into their 10th year as strong and self-determined as ever, the Melbourne Aussie rock legends teased fans with their fearsome new single Wasting Time that hit #1 on the AMRAP Community Radio Charts event before releasing their EP Dirt Buzz.2016 sees the band launch their self-owned and run independent label, Spank Betty Records of which their first release is their new E.P, Dirt Buzz. They have over 800 shows and 8 international tours under their belts but their best has come with their new EP, Dirt Buzz.